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what to cook for your Danish host family that wants to experience *real* American food

During my first week abroad, I found out that my host sisters had never tried American Mac n Cheese.  Upon discovering this shocking information, I offered to cook Mac n’ Cheeses for my host family. Long story short, the Mac ‘n Cheese was a hit. They loved it (despite the alarming amount of cheese– for… Continue reading what to cook for your Danish host family that wants to experience *real* American food

Danish Fashion 101.

Scandinavian Fashion. It has been all the talk of Tik Tok, mainstream media, and American study-abroad students in the last year. The hype is well-deserved in many regards, though. The Danes are comfortable, warm, stylish, and cool. When I submitted my study abroad application, I was ready to embark on a fashion journey called “Scandinavian… Continue reading Danish Fashion 101.

*Ultimate (!!!) Guide to Copenhagen for a Study-Abroad Student/20-something/Young Adult*

(Updated April 2022) Because almost half the semester has already passed (crazy!!!!), I have compiled a list of my recommended places to visit, eat at, wander at, and appreciate some Copenhagen-ness. This was actually a wonderful assignment I created for myself, as I have now realized I am seriously lacking in discovering CPH in some… Continue reading *Ultimate (!!!) Guide to Copenhagen for a Study-Abroad Student/20-something/Young Adult*

How to Hygge (Guide by an American Exchange Student)

Today (ish) marks one month since I arrived in Denmark. Because of this, I made an extra special blog post for you: an American study abroad student’s guide to hygge.  Hygge Prep time: 5 minutes Bake time: December-March (winter) Ingredients: Candles (all kinds: tall, short, wide, smelly, non-smelly) Large Blankets  Tea (not the cheap stuff)… Continue reading How to Hygge (Guide by an American Exchange Student)

Core Course Week.

Brief Reflections from Core Course Week:  This is the absolute best week to bond with your Core Course. I now love every single one of my classmates and look forward to seeing them in class. Extremely bonding experience 10/10. If you haven’t made many friends since arriving/had a hard time doing so, this is a… Continue reading Core Course Week.

My first 24 hours.

On my first day of classes, my professor (for Cultural Diversity & Integration) asked the class to reflect on our “first 24 hours” in Denmark. According to him, these hours are crucial for defining your experience in a new place. What stands out? What is shocking? What is different? I realized that my first 24… Continue reading My first 24 hours.


I don’t remember the first time I said goodbye to home, but I do remember the feeling– like I was being punched in the gut, repeatedly. For awhile, leaving home felt like drowning during high tide. Distraction helped keep that choking feeling at bay. I found distractions through friends at summer camp and familiar camp… Continue reading Goodbye.


In between my dreams of running around Danish castles and discovering everything that can be remotely described as “hyggelig,” I have dreaded the impending and foreboding task of packing. As a result of this somewhat misplaced anxiety, I have spent the past month repeatedly inputting “how to pack for study abroad” into my Google search… Continue reading Packing.