Danish Fashion 101.

Scandinavian Fashion. It has been all the talk of Tik Tok, mainstream media, and American study-abroad students in the last year. The hype is well-deserved in many regards, though. The Danes are comfortable, warm, stylish, and cool. When I submitted my study abroad application, I was ready to embark on a fashion journey called “Scandinavian Fashion”. Luckily for me, I was accepted and am now in Denmark. Unluckily for me, I had no idea what “Scandinavian Fashion” really was. I certainly did not pack as a Dane would. So, this blog post will examine the topic: what do the Danes really wear? (Guide from an average, non-artistic-non-fashion-major American study abroad student)

On a cold winter day (or even not so cold but the sun is not out), one will see the following in the streets of Copenhagen: 

  • Peacoats and puffer coats
  • Large scarves that can turn into shawls
  • Turtlenecks 
  • Trousers and Wide Leg Pants
  • Heavy Sweaters, patterned 
  • Blazers (extra points for a blazer with elbow pads)
  • Button-up tops (all genders)
  • Large, Black purses, handbags, or briefcases
  • Fanny packs over the shoulder
  • Tiny purses 
  • New Balance Sneakers (or any comfortable sneaker, but mostly NBs)
  • The colors black, brown, beige, white, gray, off-white (I don’t know if I can actually classify these as colors)

On a Spring day (any day the sun is out):

  • Long Skirts
  • Jumpsuits
  • Overall jumpsuits
  • Short sleeved button up shirts
  • Large Sunglasses
  • Flowing trousers (thinner than winter trousers)

Everyone is stylish–everyone. I was sitting in the library today, and I glanced to my left. To my surprise (though I probably shouldn’t be now), a man in sunglasses, a fanny pack, trousers, and a button up was doing his homework. Though not an extremely crazy outfit, he was the picture of Scandinavian fashion, and right next to me. The streets of Copenhagen are a fashion magazine–you can find your latest outfit inspiration just by glancing around. 

Following my analysis of Danish fashion, I have accumulated a closet full of ‘Scandi’ clothes. I have black trousers, wide leg jeans, a peacoat, a large scarf, many turtlenecks, several sweaters, and a puffer coat. Some of these items I had already brought, some were found while thrift shopping, and others picked up at stores in CPH. 

With my large scarf and puffer coat.

Some of my favorite stores in Copenhagen (and as recommended by my host sisters) are:

  • Monki 
  • Weekday
  • Pieces
  • New Yorker
  • Episode Thrift Store
  • MOSS Copenhagen
  • Samsøe & Samsøe

I hope this post gave some insight into Scandinavian fashion, but at the very least, perhaps it gave insight into my interpretations of Scandinavian fashion. 




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