*Ultimate (!!!) Guide to Copenhagen for a Study-Abroad Student/20-something/Young Adult*

(Updated April 2022)

Because almost half the semester has already passed (crazy!!!!), I have compiled a list of my recommended places to visit, eat at, wander at, and appreciate some Copenhagen-ness. This was actually a wonderful assignment I created for myself, as I have now realized I am seriously lacking in discovering CPH in some ways aka visiting some restaurants and other food options (as well as some museums)! I have some friends and my parents visiting soon (woohoo!!), so hopefully this will be a good and informative post for them as well. 


Copenhagen Light Festival 
This festival is a must-do during February. The installments are free and located all around Copenhagen. I walked around with a couple of friends after dinner!

WinterJazz CPH
Look at their website during February! There are a ton of free and low-cost concerts with some amazing musicians. Another fun thing to do with friends or even alone. 

Football (Soccer) Games
I went to a Copenhagen Football game with a couple friends; this was. a great cultural experience (even though I don’t really watch soccer!). I wish I could have gone to a national game, though!


The SMK is huge and absolutely gorgeous. I went with a couple of friends for about 2 hours to explore the Danish and contemporary collection (which was not enough time to see everything). There is a student discount (as well as some special events on Fridays). This was also pricier than other free museums.

Price: 95 DKK student | Time: 3+hours

I loved this museum (also super insta-worthy). Endless statues, a beautiful courtyard, and a hidden garden are some of the cool features of this museum. I am definitely going back and bringing my friends. 

Price: Free on Tuesdays | Time: 2 hours

The Louisiana is a must-see in Copenhagen. It is very close to my homestay and my host-mom actually used to work there. Though a bit pricier than other museums in Denmark, it is worth it for its architectural layout, gardens, and collection of phenomenal art installations. (Even the kids section is fun!). The light-room is a must see, even with a line. Take the regional train to Humblebæk and walk about 10 minutes to this museum (there is even a cafe and restaurant inside!). I definitely want to go back and picnic there when the weather warms up. 

Price: 125 DKK student (if you are under 27, you can get a membership for 145 DKK and you can go as many times as you wish!) | Time: 1.5-3 hours

Copenhagen Contemporary
A great museum to visit for instagram pics (lol). I went with my host family and the kids section was also super fun here–giant lego building opportunities and hands-on art. It was much smaller than I imagined, but the interactive and immersive art experiences were super unique and unlike anything I have experienced before. 

Price: 75 DKK student | Time: 1-1.5 hours

Thorvaldsens Museum
I liked this museum, but it wasn’t my favorite. It is a great visit after class or a field study on Wednesday, though. It had a lot of statues, was a bit smaller and there weren’t too many descriptions about the artwork. If I go again, I would like to do the audio tour. 

Price: Free on Wednesdays | Time: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Danish Architecture Center 
I recently visited the DAC with my friends on a rainy day and it was fantastic. A super interactive museum equipped with a slide, ball pit, VR games, and much more. I highly recommend on your visit.

Price: 60 DKK for students and youth | Time: 1 hour – 1.5 hours

Worker’s Museum 
I visited this museum with my Danish Language & Culture Class, and it was very interactive, informative, and fun. It gives a lot of insight into Danish history, particularly around the industrial revolution for the average Dane.

Haven’t gone but want to!: 

  • GL Strand
  • Botanisk Have (Botanical Gardens)
  • Tekniske Museum (Danish Museum of Science and Technology)
  • Arken Museum of Modern Art
  • Danish Design Museum
  • Cisternene

Other Places to Visit

Christiania (free-town Christiania)
This is a super interesting part of town where they sell weed and hash in little stalls along the street. Technically, weed is illegal (even here) but they still sell it and occasionally get raided. It is very interesting to visit, and the artwork around the town is quite amazing (though they don’t really allow photos). I recommend going to walk around and experience a very different part of Copenhagen. 

Black Diamond Library 
A nice study spot, but also super cool views and architecture to visit.

This is like the Empire State Building of Copenhagen. Fantastic views of the city, and it costs about $4.

The iconic street that everyone takes pictures of. Go to a restaurant or cafe along the harbor or order a a waffle stick!

Torvehallerne (the Glass Market)
A great place to explore and chill with friends (while eating some good food). They have the best tea here. 

Esrum Abbey
I went with my host family during my host sisters’ week off! Super unique place and a bit far from Copenhagen. It was super cool to see the history of the monastery, especially since it is over 850 years old! Super immersive and interactive exhibit (and in a beautiful area). 

The Little Mermaid Statue
The Statue is quite small and probably overhyped. Still an essential visit for CPH. I recommend walking around Kastellet before/after the Little Mermaid visit! It is a park shaped like a star and super pretty!

This is so much fun. You can rent a boat from this company for 1+ hours to drive yourself through the canals. The boat dock is located in Islands Brygge and you can bring your own food/drinks on board. The maximum number of people per boat is 8 and there is a picnic table in the middle of it.

An extremely aesthetic food court. Not only is the food amazing, multicultural, and endless, but the vibes are immaculate here. Beach chairs, sand, ocean views, firepits, and cabanas decorate this market. A must-visit!

If you visit Denmark during the winter, this is a lot of fun. Copenhot has hot tubs set up around the harbor (up to 6 people in a hot tub) and you can jump into the ocean for a winter dip between hot-tubbing. The popup location I went to was actually right next to Reffen!

Botanical Gardens

Fredrikskyrkan (Marble Church)

Assistens Kirkegård

Haven’t gone but want to!:

  • Tivoli Amusement Park
  • Opera House
  • Church is our Savior (apparently one of the best views of Copenhagen).


Kronborg Castle
Hamlet’s Castle! It is amazing and huge–I went with my host family since it is close to our house and we walked around for awhile. I recommend watching Hamlet before to enhance the experience. Helsingør is a cute town, too, so you can definitely grab a meal before or after!

Rosenborg Castle
The crown jewels are here! So beautiful. I went on a field study with my Royalty in the Land of Equality class (which my professor gave a phenomenal tour of). 

Amalienborg Castle

Frederiksborg Palace

Haven’t gone but want to!: 

  • Christiansborg Palace


Frankie’s Pizza – Really, really good pizza. The vibes are great–everything is pink and instagrammable. I recommend. 

Gorms – Also good pizza, but a little pricier.

Restaurant Karla – Great traditional Danish restaurant. Amazing smørrebrød. Located right next to the Glyptoteket. 

Tivoli Food Hall – Literally so good. So many options and super cute vibes.

Cocks & Cows

Divina Pizza –


Mæxico – Go for Taco Tuesday! All you can eat tacos and burritos for 149 kroner/person. A great deal!

The Union Kitchen

Cafes & Bakeries

The Living Room – My FAV cafe. Vibes are immaculate.

Bastard Cafe – Super fun board-game cafe. I’ve gone with a ton of friends and my host sister! 

Next Door Cafe – The Chai here is amazing. Quick on-the-go snack.

Paludan Bog Cafe – I run into literally everyone I know here. Super great location and good food.

Studenterhuset – The cheapest coffee you will find in Copenhagen.

Joe & The Juice 

Lagkagehuset – Pastries here are phenomenal.

Coffee Industry

Juice and Coffee – One of the cheaper places to eat for lunch and so good. The smoothies and sandwiches are great and they have a great study space downstairs. 


Sct. Peders Bageri– Wednesday ritual. Every Wednesday this bakery sells huge cinnamon rolls with sugar or frosting (snails) for 15 DKK.

American Pie Company

Nature (wooo)

This is the only nature spot I have actually visited (besides the tiny forest next to my house). It is super cool to see the deer come right up to you while taking a nice walk. The house in the center of the park is also super cool!

Stevns Klint

Troll forests

Møns Klint

I will update this again soon (then it will be the Ultimate ULTIMATE list). Comment any suggestions or places you would like me to visit.



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