How to Hygge (Guide by an American Exchange Student)

Today (ish) marks one month since I arrived in Denmark. Because of this, I made an extra special blog post for you: an American study abroad student’s guide to hygge. 


Prep time: 5 minutes

Bake time: December-March (winter)

Beach walk view with Salma.
Salma, Rose, Millie, and I on the couch watching TV.
Millie laying on the table next to the candles.


  • Candles (all kinds: tall, short, wide, smelly, non-smelly)
  • Large Blankets 
  • Tea (not the cheap stuff) or Coffee
  •  Large Scarf (that can turn into a blanket)
  • Approx. 1 Ton of Candy (preferably Danish black licorice, but really up to you)
  • Yummy baked goods (cinnamon buns, croissants, cookies, everything)
  • Family and/or Friends
  • Sweaters
  • Cat or Dog
  • Games, Movies, or Danish X-Factor (every Friday!)
  • Twinkle lights on houses outside 
  • Optional: Fireplaces, Books, Art materials, Yarn for Knitting, Flowers
View from my walk home from the train station–so hyggeligt.


  1. Mix and match the ingredients. 
  2. Eat, wear, sit in front of, place, and talk with all of the ingredients. Keep it simple. 
  3. Enjoy.

Extra Tips:

  • Hyggeligt Cafes 
    • The Living Room (Nørreport) 
    • Bastard Cafe (Nørreport) 
    • Paludan Bøg Cafe (Nørreport) 
  • Winter Beach Swims (I went with my host sister–it was freezing, but definitely worth it)
Salma & I during a morning winter swim!
  • Fire (any form)
  • Complaints about the horrid weather outside mixed with happiness to be Danish/so hyggeligt 
  • Take a walk with friends/family–connect with nature 🙂 

***Will update as I continue my examination of how to hygge

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